Made from scratch New York Style bagels. Baked fresh every day!

Important News & Updates


Need to place an order for BLUE RIDGE MARATHON????

Go to

to view our private menu for this event!

(Pizza rolls are on here!)  

Due to certain circumstances, DO NOT have a storefront. Please follow us on Facebook or tune in here for important updates, news, and our newest flavors! 

In the mean time, you can find us EVERY SATURDAY set up inside of Black Dog Salvage located on Memorial Avenue in Roanoke, VA from 9 am until 2 pm!

Beginning May 4th, we will begin setting up at the Westlake Farmer's Market (located on Booker T Washington HWY next to The Lake Inn)!! We will be at this location the first weekend of every month, so be sure to place your orders to be picked up here if you live in/near here!

Two major events you can find us at in April are:
Freedom Fest #2 on Saturday, April 6, 2019 and
Blue Ridge Marathon on Saturday, April 16, 2019

Click on the *EVENTS* page to find out more information!